History & Overview

Founded in 1996, MicroStar Logistics provides a comprehensive solution designed to eliminate the inefficient and costly method in which kegs have traditionally been owned, tracked and retrieved by breweries. As partners with its brewery clients, MicroStar has mastered the keg management process, allowing its brewing partners to focus on their craft—brewing beer. Managing a network approaching 2 million kegs, MicroStar is proud to service over 200 leading brewers and work closely with over 1,600 distributors in the US and Europe.

MicroStar Logistics allows brewers to:

  • Never run out of kegs again—MicroStar delivers "just-in-time" keg inventory
  • Never invest in expensive mobile assets—with MicroStar, you pay for what you use
  • Expand into new markets—with MicroStar, you can expand into new markets, with unlimited growth potential
  • Sell their Sankey kegs to MicroStar and recoup their investment in cooperage

MicroStar Logistics LLC is located in Greenwood Village, Colo.