History & Overview

Founded in 1996, MicroStar started with a simple idea: helping leading brewers collaborate. Over time and in partnership with the brewing community, MicroStar has evolved into the largest diversified keg solutions company. We offer keg management solutions leveraging our pool of more than 2.5 million kegs, keg repair and maintenance services through our MicroStar Quality Services division, and new and used keg sales and keg leasing options through our new Kegcraft Division.

Meet Our Team

The craft beer industry is booming. From coast to coast, brewers are crafting more and better beer everyday. And just as every new beer is unique, so are the people helping to facilitate that growth. Scroll over the below pictures to get to know our team a little better...

The Team:

Every employee at MicroStar is committed to supporting our customers (including making sure the beer's flowing at our customer Happy Hours as pictured here)


MicroStar Leadership Team

Michael Hranicka
President & CEO

Bryan Place

Glen Opp
Senior VP Operations

Casey Dodson
VP Sales

Ksenia Adams
VP Finance

Dan Vorlage
VP Marketing/Biz Dev